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Project Forwarding & Logistics

We have undertaken movements of staggering complexity and risk and would be pleased to talk about them with you.

  • On-site project management and representation - in remote locations
  • Undertaking movements that require "win-win" tactics
  • Leading negotiations with regulatory and business stakeholders in the project
  • Truck-to-barge-to-truck logistics
  • Cross-country over-dimensional rail shipments
  • Ship chartering
  • Oversight of stevedoring
  • Long experience with heavy-lift and RoRo vessels as well as in the ‘tramper’ market
  • Air charters – DC-8s, IL-76s, AN-12, and other aircraft
  • Semi-submersibles – ‘FLO/FLO' experience in the movement of submarines and other craft
  • Feasibility studies
  • ‘Best practice' studies for Government and Industry
  • Seminars, workshops, presentations
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Project Forwarding & Logistics
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